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INNO is a domain-specific modeling tool, which allows to model innovation of a result in software engineering; understood 'result'as one or more products, services or software processes. To do this, we defined a conceptual model of determinants and dimensions involved in an innovation process following the Systematic Review of Literature: "A Multi-Dimensional Framework of Organizational Innovation: A Systematic Review of the Literature" [1] that reflects the state of academic research on this area of ​​innovation, and defines the determinants and dimensions of innovation. Also it was enriched with specific aspects of the development of software intensive systems.


The development paradigm selected to implement INNO was MDD (Model-Driven Development) [2]. In particular, it has opted for a development environment supported by the open source platform, Eclipse; specifically Eclipse Indigo Modeling and Epsilon project [3]. Therefore, the generated code of the INNO Modeling Tool is Java code (VJM 1.6).

Operating Environment

As INNO is based in the development platform Java, it is independent of the Operative System, as long as it has a VJM compatible.

INNO is distributed through a plugin that must be installed in an Eclipse platform. To ensure full compatibility, it recommends using Eclipse Indigo Modeling. Furthermore, INNO is an open source tool, available for all the scientific community in the following link:

This is a preliminary version (INNOv1.0.0) since the tool continues developing new features to offer. The following figure shows the INNO’s logo.