Software Engineering is a broad, dynamic and multi-faceted field, where research can vary from highly theoretical, abstract models, through the development of numerous branches of technology, into empirical studies of industrial practice.

Society needs reliable, cost-effective and easily used software in more and more areas of life.  Software development is already a major industry for Ireland but we need to stay at the forefront through appropriate research.  SYST intends to make a major contribution to the world through advanced, applicable software engineering research.

This graphic shows our research areas.




Research and Projects



Cyber Physical Systems

Smart Cities & Smart Grids

  CPSELabs       MESC

 Nemo&Coded    Imponet


           Agile (Global) Software






                     Software Architecture, Models and Cloud

                     DobertSEE - METSES - XNetMod - Energos

                     CPSELabs - MESC - Nemo&Coded -Imponet