OVAL/PM - Modelo de Proceso Centrado en Requisitos de Operación y Pruebas de Validación

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December, 2006 to December, 2009
Ministerio de Ciencia e Innovación

This project aims to produce a new approach to product development.


This approach will focus on operation requirements and validation tests as key parts of the development systems. This approach will take place in terms of definition of process and a set of tools. The set of tools will be based on a number of existing tools that share a common philosophy underlying the proposed process. Operating requirements and validation tests will be the basis for the design of systems allowing a flexible and incremental, but rigorously developed life cycle and facilitating collaborative engineering using a based approximation of the approach to the needs of the user. Retrieved process will be framed within the widely accepted standards of software engineering and systems such as IEEE Std 1362-1998. Concept of Operation (ConOps), ISO 12207, Software lifecycle processes and ISO 15288 System lifecycle processes. The introduction of standards will provide the results of the project to engage with well-established engineering practices. Approach will consider the use of product lines to support the architecture of the product. Although other architectural practices may be taken into consideration, this will facilitate that the outcome of the project will focus on a field of proven success, facilitating their applicability.

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