9th Workshop on SYSTEM TESTING AND VALIDATION, In conjunction with the 24th International Conference on Software & Systems Engineering and their Applications (ICSSEA2012) October 23th - 25th 2012 - Paris, France

October, 2012


Workshop Motivation

Software security testing is an area which has for decades been the focus of many research efforts. Yet, due to new challenges resulting from new development processes, such as SCRUM used in agile development and new aspects of large scale system integration, the need for efficient testing has been seeing much resent research. That is why this workshop will bring together researchers and practitioners in software security testing. The goal of the workshop is to provide a forum for presenting and discussing work in progress, or ideas for future research in response to future trends.

Workshop Objectives

The objective of the workshop is to bring together industry and science by providing a platform for discussion, interaction and collaboration. Industrial papers should either describe challenges of system or software testing that could trigger future research activities or present comparable results of applying model-based security testing. Research papers are expected to present promising ideas or possible solutions to in-dustrial challenges in the field of model-based security testing. Topics of interest comprise but are not limited tos:

  • Model based testing
  • Security testing
  • Fuzz testing
  • Software testing metrics
  • Risk analysis
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