XNETMOD - XML Based Modelling Language for Simulation of Technical Networks

Project code: 
IST-2001-52057 CRAFT 1999-70777
October, 2001 to September, 2003
ELPRO Prozessindustrie und Energieanlagen (D), Simpower Simulator Systeme (D), FRAUNHOFER IPK (D), IPSA (E), ACEBO (E) UE V Framework Research Programme

The overall objective of the project is the development of a modelling technology for systems possessing a network architecture based on XML languages as well as evolution and adaptation of available XML supporting tools for model verification, translation and processing.

The technical objectives of the project are:

  • Development of an XML-based hierarchical language family for describing technical networks and the corresponding interpreter.
  • Development of a model generation procedure based on network algebra rules.
  • Development of formal verification procedures based on network algebra methods.
  • Dvelopment of a technology for the generating a net-work Data Object Model (DOM).
  • Development of a generic interface between the network DOM and an object-relational data base. The idea is modelling and simulation of systems representable as physical networks (e.g. roads, pipe systems, workflows) There are two example applications.
  • Application example I: Data capturing system workflow system
    1. Workflow Office application
    2. Simulation of resource distribution and operation
  • Application example II: Forest Fire Office Resource management, for a fire extingushing scenario, integrated with a geographical information system (GIS) and potentially GPS
    1. Forest Fire Office application
    2. Simulation of resource distribution and operation
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