DOBERTSEE (CCN 1) - Dependant On-Board Embedded Real-Time Software Engineering Environment

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June, 2002 to June, 2003
TNI (France) Context: European Space Agency contract (ESTEC)

The main objective of the "Dependant On-Board Embedded Real-Time Software Engineering Environment [DOBERTSEE]/Low-Cost On-Board Software Development Toolkit project has been to produce an affordable, integrated Software Engineering Environment (SEE) that is fully compliant with ECSS-E40 standard process model for developing Dependable On-Board Real Time software (DOBERT).


The DOBERTSEE process model is document centric. Each document is expressed in CASEML, an XML-based description language. The SEE has been a valuable experiment intended to deliver a light layer of software engineering ‘glue’ using affordable technologies, while in the same time easing the integration of existing CASE tools. It has been based on CASEML and RCl/Tk.
Open system/software engineering environment to desinged to support the system/software development lifecycle of critical systems based on the document concept and ECSS compliant
At present integrated with TOPEN
SEE User Interface
SEE Document Management Techology

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