NEMO_CODED Networked Monitoring & Control, Diagnostic for Electrical Distribution

Project code: 
ITEA2 08022 // IDI-20110864
December, 2009 to October, 2013
ITEA 2 Call 3 - CDTI

To implement the approach to energy efficiency, electricity distribution must evolve.


In this context, the project NEMO & CODED aims the use of new information technologies and SOA concepts. The project will demonstrate the benefits of the introduction of these technologies in the fields of electricity and energy distribution. Through the introduction of SOA concepts and technologies of web services in these fields of application, NEMO & CODED will contribute to the vision of ITEA2: "invents the world of Ambient Service Computing." The objective of the project is to focus on modelling, design, implementation and operation of smart devices connected in network for the application in the domain of electrical distribution and management platforms of information technology and communication (ICT) hardware and software.

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