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January, 2010 to January, 2011
Ministerio de Educaci├│n, Cultura y Deporte

Tool for obtaining, processing, treatment and exploitation of information.

Objective: The object is the development of a software application that is integrated into the information system of the General Secretariat of universities and that allows the extraction of information, its statistical treatment and exploitation based on dashboards with different levels of aggregation.

The tool integrates with information system of the General Secretariat of universities and the databases of the Ministry of education. This application enables the collection of incoming information relating to scholarships so that it can be processed and exploited within the General Secretariat of universities. Information is received from different sources, is subsequently processed in a uniform way, and finally provides a set of indicators that allow us to compare the situation of the different institutions within the Spanish University System (SUE), offering the following advantages:

  • Creation of a unified data store designed for the analyses, where the necessary information is collected.
  • Creation of a tool that allows the availability and monitoring of information and indicators that will be detailed during the development of the tool.
  • Automated (or semi-automated) exchange of information with universities and autonomous communities, enabling request, generate and process the predefined reports.
  • Availability of basic administrative tools that facilitate the introduction of data that facilitate the detection of errors and the validation of data entered, with ability to indicate and change delivery of files, templates listings and contact persons.

The project has consisted of three phases:

  • Phase 1: study the necessary variables for the obtaining of the proposed indicators. The study involved the analysis of the existing databases in the Ministry of education with information about scholarships. The result of this phase has been a table with variables, their expected values, and information concerning the table in the database that serves as the data source. The result of this phase is shown in Chapter 4 of this document.
  • Phase 2: implementation of the software components that allow to extract, transform, normalize and add to SIIU database data source to a format that is understandable by the integrated system of information (SIIU). The description of these components is in the chapters 5 to 8 of the document.
  • Phase 3: construction of the indicators on the universes of Business Object existing in the computer services of the Ministry of education. These indicators processed data related to scholarships, and which have been imported in SIIU. The description of the indicators is in Chapter 9 of the document.
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